Dragon Magic G6 VR Gaming Stereo 3D Headset

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Magic G6 is the new updated model of immersive VR headset that can support smartphones from 4.7 - 6  inches size (Just for reference, will be based on these smartphone outer shape sizes when using). Put the phone into the device then you can experience panoramic videos, games, movies etc.

Audio Visual play The 360° surrounds the vision to create a comfortable and immersive experienece.
The 3D phase sound technology brings you audiovisual experience in 3D space,with good dubbing effects and the strong bass makes you unable to stop.
Size: 8.3"x 5.5" x 4.3"
Audio: Stereophonic Hi-Fi earphone
FOV: 90 - 100°
Focus: Nearsightedness : 0-600°
Compatible phone: 4.7-6  Inches
Package Include: 
1 X 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses 
1 X User Manual